£13.6m Residential Property Portfolio Acquired by Bricklane

£13.6m Residential Property Portfolio Acquired by Bricklane

Property investment platform Bricklane recently doubled its rental portfolio with the purchase of 74 properties. The combined value of these properties is £13.6 million.

The properties purchased were all purchased from the British Residential Unit Trust in a cash and shares transaction. The rental units are located in 4 buildings in Manchester and Birmingham. With this purchase, the fund has 127 properties in its portfolio with a total of £23.6 million worth of assets.

The units are 93% leased and many are located in desirable submarkets like the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. This is part of Bricklane’s push to expand its portfolio and offer more value to investors.

What is Bricklane?

Bricklane is a property investment firm that offers a way to expand one’s investments to real estate without the large upfront costs or the need to manage the property yourself. With as little as £100, you can diversify your portfolio. You get the benefit of rental properties without dealing with the day-to-day headaches. It’s an excellent option for those looking to dip their toe in the market without a big investment.

Like all investments, there are downsides. As you don’t own the properties directly, you can’t sell them yourself. All you can do is sell your shares and there is always the chance you’ll either have to sell for less than you’d like or wait for a better offer.

For those with fewer resources, Bricklane can be an excellent option for investment along with other recommended investments. For those who can afford to be a landlord on their own, the answer isn’t as clear. Some may find it a worthwhile addition but that it won’t replace the value their rental properties offer.

While there are many hassles that come with being a landlord, professionals can help. For instance, a good property manager can make life easier. Using a good letting agent with proper letting agent software can make finding tenants much simpler.

The new tax laws and legislation surrounding the buy-to-let market have changed this evaluation. Always consult with a financial professional who specializes in rentals to understand whether switching over is a good idea for you.

What Will This Mean?

While traditional landlords won’t notice this much, particularly with the new laws to consider, those looking for lower-cost investments should be pleased. Investing in real estate through platforms like Bricklane has become very popular on forums that advise people looking to get into investments. More options with better portfolios are always welcome.

Letting agents should keep an eye out. Some renters may be nervous about renting from such a new platform. With more properties being bought up they should consider it. Be sure your letting agent software is ready to handle this and do your research. Researching before the issue comes up is recommended.

Overall, this is good news for investors and landlords who don’t want to deal with the new laws and taxation. They should be pleased with the new options to keep real estate in their p

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