Property buyers criteria changed after COVID-19 Lockdown?

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We all know that the world of estate agency has an ever-dynamic landscape especially in the UK when it comes to property buyers criteria. Even a tiny event can cause waves of changes in current trends in the market. One of the most affected areas in estate agency is properties in both urban and suburban areas.

Pre lock down, we had routines that involved working in commercial spaces, public transport, shopping centres, or other social spaces. These are usual potential buyer’s wish – list. Which created the demand especially for proximity to the place within commuting distance. The closer you get to a prime location, the steeper the price tag.

In the past few months, working and staying indoors became the new normal, this inclination may changed in the home-buyer’s mind. Everything seems easily accessible now online. It’s not necessarily a shift from urban to suburban living per se. Many may entertain the idea of living away from the hustle of being near the centre of all action.

This could mean that buyers are changing and there may now be more looking for properties in more rural locations. One can say that the future still remains. The short term effects of lock-down and working remotely will have a long term change in buyers trends. Some take this opportunity to acquire centrally located properties in preparation for a possible return to previous way of life. It may also be a prime time to go ahead and establish oneself in the new up-and-coming locations post-pandemic.

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