Property Management Software | A Must for UK Estate Agents

Property and lettings management can be quite challenging and hiring an expert to do the property management can be expensive especially in the UK.

That is why it’s important to get software that will allow you to manage your properties easily. It is easier with the automation features as well as one-stop hub for all estate-related documents and tasks.

Letting and estate agents always look for ways to make property management easy. One way to keep their job more streamline is by using all-in-one management software!

One reason you are reading this article is that you want to be able to handle and manage properties or lettings independently!

Luckily there’s already a lot of UK property management software for you to choose from!

What does property management software do?

Manage contact information
You can input all the necessary estate-related contacts!
You can sync this information onto your software and access it online.

Keep track of property listings
Aside from the contact information, you can also input the property listing that you are currently managing.

Some property management software will let you send property details that will match a prospective tenant. Helpful when it comes to speeding up the marketing process!

Track your offers stages!

You’ll be able to send offers accepted/rejected and memorandum of sales.

You can also send out important documents via email using advanced templates.

It’s also easy to set reminders to chase applicants, vendors and upload important documents directly to your offer.

Create landlord and tenant statements
You don’t have to create statements from scratch as there will be a template readily available for you to use. Making your job easy!

Using a property management software will help you a lot with tenancy management as you can track inspections, notifications and section 21 notices for UK estate agents.

Residents and maintenance tasks reminders
Automation is the best part when it comes to property management software. You won’t have to worry about late dues and getting confused with billing and other tasks.

Gas Safety Certificates
When you need to send out certificates it is easy to note using the software and remind which tenants need it.

Rent payment reminder
You can easily create rent-due demands and assign payments to them. 

Bookkeeping, Accounting, Reports.

Since using the software will help automate everything, it will be easy to get a report and analysis of your business. You can generate reports and export them to Excel!

Get All-in-One Software for your estate agency!
Whether you’re an independent landlord, a property manager, or a big estate agency, you need to find a great tool to get your business organised.

Property management software is a must especially for busy estate agents like you! Make sure that you find one that has amazing features that will truly benefit you.

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