What makes an Estate Agency website design great?

An estate agency website has an impact on making a visiting user convert! According to WebFX, 95% of visitors impression goes to the website’s design.

Over the years, web designs have evolved and changed according to trends, user needs, and innovation. In 2020, modern and responsive design is the entire rave!

The goal is to have a fully functional website that looks good. With this intention, that users visiting will less likely to return to an unattractive site.

Bad experience = high bounce rate.

Note that the website should clearly show the value of a company/business. Users, aka potential clients, should see the benefit of the services offered without having to spend so long on a website.

Let users know what their pain points and show that your agency can solve it! Yes, it’s achievable with a well-designed website.

Here’s what makes an estate agency website design functional

A Responsive Website
What is a responsive website? A responsive website means that the web pages will render correctly in different devices, i.e. desktop, tablet, mobile phones.

Making your website design responsive is essential, especially now that users access the internet using the devices mentioned.

Usually, when a website is responsive, the layout changes to provide the best browsing experience according to the screen size.

Simple Navigation
Estate agency websites should be simple and direct! Even more, users should be able to navigate the site easily and find the services offered efficiently.

It’s 2020; it is a known fact that internet user wants information fast. A complicated website will just be confusing especially to those non-tech-savvy users.

Keep in mind that the design of any website should draw users in without diverting them from your content.

Impeccable Usability
A great website design should be able to address a target clientele’s needs before they could even realise that they have them.

Don’t worry much about other elaborate features that would distract users from the purpose. Remember, the key is to be simple and straightforward!

Automated Property Portal Feed
Once you upload a property listing on the portal, it should also show up on your website at the same time. This way, users will not miss them!

Showcase equally how many property listings are there under the agency, including the type of properties.

Distinct Property Search & Map View
Being an estate agency, besides providing access to property portal in your website should be included in the design.

Hence, majority of users that visit estate agency websites will immediately use the property search function!

Need help building your estate agency website design?
Your website is your agency’s 24/7 “shop front” make it inviting instead, elevate your estate agency’s performance by starting with functional web design. 

If you’re looking to transform your website design, make sure to keep these tips in mind to make your site functional!

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